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A Loving Gentleness

  • Author:Nina
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-04-27

                             A Loving Gentleness

Do you know what a loving gentleness is like? Have you had a taste of it or shown it to others?

It's also a picture of loving tenderness for a youngster playing a pampered child in his or her mother' lap. But later, the person is so much changed by fate that tenderness is gone together with values of life. Some people are born uncouth. But tossed by life's storms they become gentle and good-humored unexpectedly, like mushrooms sprouting from the root of the tree of life.

True, gentleness or a tender care is often associated with love and kindness. It can also be found in a good- natured or broad-minded person. It is not fair to think that it has anything to do with weakness.
Gentle as spring breeze, it cracks the frozen river with its light touch. Soft as cotton, it renders a steel ball bouncing high from the ground paralyzed in its embrace. Similarly, tenderhearted as friendship, it melts the toughness of an iron willed man and reduces him to grateful tears.

A loving gentleness is too subtle to describe. Though it seems invisible, inaudible and evasive to the touch, it is still perceptible. It is the quintessence of kindness, enthusiasm, love and moral support. It gives strength and power. It is the source of beauty.