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Apple "leaves Pearl": iPhone7 Pro design released

  • Author:Sunnie
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-09-14

Although iPhone7 series dont have this kind of iphone 7 Pro, however the designer Michael Muleba is very pleased to bring us on the concept design iPhone 7 Pro, and in the minds of designers, iPhone 7 Pro is a dual-screen and large-screen Smart phone.

Michael Muleba’s design concept, iPhone 7 Pro with dual-screen, iPhone 7 Pro mixed with larger diagonal, it should reach 6.33-inch screen size.

Michael Muleba’s iPhone 7 Pro keeps its fashion, it uses border-free design, the most important is it also has a built-in Magic Magic Keyboard. Mobile phone front andback glass is used to create and, of course, a new capacitive Home button, ultimately.

It looks like one of those Vaio products, cross between a handheld computer and a laptop, but beyond the scope of the Smart phone.

The large dual-screen Smart phone in the designer's mind currently seems like this.

Perhaps in the future a lot of manufacturers will develop more giant screen smartphones, but with larger screen while keeping the phone fashion and ultra thin, many people say such dreams is too slim to come true too.

This greatest feature of iPhone 7 Pro concept is its split-screen.

Everyone has been saying no breakthrough on the iPhone in design. Not certain this looks a little strange iPhone concept design, whether it would be your taste?

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