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Chinese youth like to get married near Spring Festival

  • Author:Tinsen
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina
  • Release on :2016-01-13
Chinese youth like to get married near Spring Festival

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At this time of year, many youth will get married.ıt seems like a trend because they like this season.why would they choose this time? Because at this moment, people have day off for Participating them to friend's wedding, which also means lucky to bride and bridegroom.  In China, people like to regard it as a lucky red color.they simbol.How do people give presents? That'It is pretty interesting and dainty.most of them they will give lucky money.and like this number: 8.So they will give as wedding present.ıt RMB888.8 means they will make a furture next year.

One is better funny.so will give them to RMB1314, which means the bride and bridegroom will love each other forever.

Are you interesting in this custom? I like it.becaus I will also get married in the next 8 years.