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Classmate Party in the Spring Festival

  • Author:Nina
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-02-10
Classmate Party in the Spring Festival

During the Spring Festival holidays, Chinese people usually visit their relatives,friends,classmates or travel some famous places. As to me, I enjoyed my yesteday classmate party. Our middle school classmates met in one of my classmate home. A few people joined the party, chtting, eating, playing, and so on. This year is the 11th year we left our middle school and met again. We talked about the job, aims, dream, of course also the personal issues. During this period, some of our classmates played the Mahjong,which is the most popular game of Spring Festival.

We enjoyed the party very much and made an appointment of the next year meet again as th same day.
Last but not least, we cheer for the 2016, hope all our classmates enjoy our everyday of the new year and everything is good in our job, life, love.