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Genius often betrays itself into great errors

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina
  • Release on :2016-01-09

Genius often betrays itself into great errors .

When i see that words , I had lost myself in thought. But i think that is really true .

May be ,you make a complaint about that why you are not a genius ,if you were ,you could do most of special things which could not be done by the normal person .

May be when you face some difficult things ,you will say to yourself : If i were a genius ,that would be better ,i would solve that problems well .

In shorts ,in our eyes ,Genius is very great ability or skill in a particular subject or activity .

But the genius always off the track for their very great ability and skill .

For example ,some genius Steal someone else's bank information so that stole all of the money by using their special skill on the computer ,

But the worst thing is that some computer genius stole state secrets and then sell them to another country so that earn large money ,that is so terrible .

In fact , every coin has two sides .

That is genius often betrays itself into great errors .

But hoping genius can make full use of their genius to do the right things .

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