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High rent in Shenzhen

  • Author:Tinsen Shaw
  • Source:Original
  • Release on :2016-04-15

High rent in Shenzhen

Shenzhen,one of the biggest cities in China,has over 10 millions population.People all over domestic coming here for making a living.In another word,for achieving their dreams.

As we all know,people need to find a place for living when coming to a new city.Shenzhen houses are always in short supply.So the rent is pretty high.Lets see a series of data.

Its a rent of each month.There are 51.5% of interviewees who just can afford under RMB1000 house.38.1% can afford RMB1000-1500 house.The rests can afford over RMB1500 house.Why they would say its hard to rent house in Shenzhen.Actually they cannot earn enough money.Maybe you would say,RMB1000 equals 156 dollars.But most of them just can earn RMB3500 each month.It rates about 28.57% of their salary.

Some people leave Shenzhen to Guangzhou.Some go back to hometown.Whatever the world changed,I will stay in Shenzhen.Because I like the fast step here,even if I need to pay 25.71% of my salary on rent.There is a way to release our pressure.Thats you earn enough.Then you dont worry about money pressure.Maybe you can buy a house finally.


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