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How to buy a good phone?

  • Author:Ocyclone
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2017-07-17
How to buy a good phone?

1. How to choose an iphone 
If you don't mind the price, choose one from the newest generation of iphone. The latest version of the iphone 7/iphone 7 Plus, compared with the previous iphone 6s, there are 2 changes, one is the cancellation of 3.5mm headphone interface, the home button is not pressed, the second is the latest A10 processor, but also support the IP67 class waterproof, and the iphone 7 Plus with a dual-camera.
Currently listed is the iphone 7, with two sizes:
4.7 inch: More suitable for single hand operation, battery life slightly lower
5.5 inches: More suitable for browsing, watching video, most need both hands to operate, rear double camera, battery life is stronger.
Storage space is recommended to buy 128G or more. Buying an iphone can take two or three years, without having to store lots of photos and videos and download lots of apps. The current low version 32G capacity will soon be enough, and this generation of iphone capacity is cliff-like jump, do not provide 64G version, from the previous 16GB/64GB/128GB three stalls, into 32GB/128GB/256GB, the gap widened. Many people in the iphone have risked their mobile phones to make bricks, which is the same reason to find some businesses to expand their storage space.
Android phones are not as good as they used to be one years ago, but in two or three years, fluency is still not as good as the iphone. At the end of 2016, Huawei issued mate 9, played 18 months without Caton slogan, whether the future of Android can solve the problem, relying on the users to verify. While the iphone is expensive, but it's better to keep the system flowing, it's actually a good deal to keep it flowing for 3 years and put it in a longer cycle.
In addition, the iphone 7 plus relative to the iphone 7 is most important to provide a rear-mounted dual camera, the picture is better, and plus has a larger battery capacity, longer endurance, and it's a good choice to spend more on iphone 7 plus for a better photo, reading experience and battery life.

2. How to choose Android Phone
High-end Android phones don't go around Samsung. Samsung as a group, in the chip, communications, storage, 4K panels and other aspects of the industry leading position. In 2016, more than 90% of the handset industry's profits were made by Apple and Samsung.
Samsung mobile phone is more worthy of praise is its flagship series of Samsung Galaxy, currently has Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and other star models, while the second half of the Galaxy Note that Samsung pinned High hopes 7 is affected by the battery explosion, the global recall, so the Samsung flag ship is still recommended only two.
Galaxy S7 Edge5.1 inch size, very suitable for single hand operation, carrying also more convenient. With a very gorgeous double curved glass, it looks more stunning than the iphone 7 Plus in terms of appearance. This generation has used the metal fuselage, texture than the previous two years big plastic has greatly improved. Support the very convenient Samsung Pay in the life scene. Its photographic effect in the Dxomark site in the mobile phone ranked first, the rankings of long-term in the forefront of the rankings. Its shortcomings are: The price is slightly higher, and the series of lower prices, the fingerprint recognition rate is a bit low. For the pursuit of quality sense of the user, is a good choice.
Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the screen increased to 5.7 inches, the battery also increased to 3000 MA, if you need a large-screen high-quality Android machine, select them right.

Windows and BlackBerry, this part of the user community is less. Most users who like Windows10 buy Lumia. BlackBerry is mostly based on nostalgia, or a high demand for mail processing, and now BlackBerry has withdrawn from the handset business and is not recommended for ordinary people to buy.