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How to maintain your micro usb charging cable

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  • Release on :2016-06-02

How to maintain your micro usb charging cable

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Mobile phone lightning data cable around one year or so will begin to be cracked on the surface. A slightly crack affect its performance. If it is damaged so badly which means it has to be changed and can not be rescued. In other words, it is a security risk! So, what shall we do to maintain data cable in our daily life?

1. Plug gently

When you remove the data cable out of power. Please do not be rude, but simply try to be tender.

2. Avoid heat sources

The skin of data cable is rubbery. When it closes to the heat sources such as hot mobile power bank or putting under the sun would cause thermal expansion and contraction, in most situation, the more times it experiences to, the more easier to get a breakage.

3. Install spring protection interface

This method is popular online, simply applied for ball-point pen spring being taken out.Then stretch it out a bit, slowly put it into the cable, fix rotation. Do remember be careful not to scratch yourself during installation.

4. Put on interface tape

Many people are into affix Scotch tape at the interface, but it didn't works very well, becoming to loose in short timeHad better wrap pipe tape called plastic belt.