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Huawei mate 10 full specification

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  • Release on :2017-07-28
Huawei mate 10 full specification
Huawei Mate10 released soon, or to make way for Huawei Mate10, Huawei Mate 9 and honor 6X landed in the U.S. market this January, now two mobile phone prices have been loosened, Huawei Mate 9 and honor 6X mobile phone overseas price, the highest straight 100 dollars, to attract more users to buy.
According to Amazon Electric and other retail prices, Huawei Mate 9 Current price is $499, compared to the original price of 100 U.S. dollars, of which the space gray version Mate 9 can enjoy more discounts, the price of $487.99, the preferential range of $112. As for the honor 6X is currently priced at $199.
honor 6X carries the Huawei eight core Kirin 655 chip, as well as 3GB RAM, 12MP/2MP dual rear camera and 3340mAh battery.

As the annual flagship, Huawei Mate10 will carry Kirin 970, the use of 10nm process Kylin 970 processor has also been put on the agenda and will be mass production, so for the second half of the release of the Mate10, in fact, regardless of performance and power consumption has crossed the Gaotong of the potential to surpass 835.
Kirin 970 will adopt the 10nm process of TSMC, the power consumption should be lower than the previous generation. System, will also adapt to EMUI6, EMUI5 has been the first domestic 7.0. Configuration, this time should be Lycra third-generation certification lens, supporting three kinds of focus, the main lens uses the newest stack type 1600w+ black and white 2300w, the front 1200w+ ultra Wide Angle 800w, is equipped with 6 inch 2K screen, does not have the open hole contact 0.1S super fast unlock, equipped with 4900 ma typical value battery, using hidden fingerprint identification, with Huawei's latest generation of super fast charge.

About price , single a long-awaited Kirin 970 processor, of course it will not be cheap, Perhaps higher than the price of Huawei Mate9. On the system, the latest EMUI6 based on Android 8.0, it would be comparable to iOS11 card,more Huawei exclusive artificial intelligence to build the second generation, smooth not like Android, smart not like mobile phones.
For Huawei Mate10, what do you think, looking forward to it together~

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