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IPhone 8 added a new feature: support for Wireless charging

  • Author:Sunnie
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-06-28

With the development of communication technology, short distance wireless communication have became the hot spots of wireless communication, for instance, wireless charging. Said one insider Changxu Sun on the microblog: Apple iPhone 8 would posses Wireless charging functionality. 

She said at June's COMPUTEX Taipei, two radio suppliers suggested that functionality. In just few years, Wireless charging technology became increasingly mature, including efficiency, charging current, non-contact distance and one-to-many charging and so on. Taiwan nowadays supplies wireless hot spots in many public places such as coffee shops, bookstores, and etc. 

Wireless charging technology may become an important part of the future smart phone or even the development of the network technology field. Smart devices charging will become more liberal. Currently Samsung and other brands has launched this feature and once Apple iPhone 8  support this technical innovation, would be expected to promote the further escalation of the industrial chain.

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