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Motorola is finally coming back

  • Author:Ocyclone
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2017-07-08
Motorola is finally coming back

It is reported that Lenovo will hold a press conference on July 25, when Motorola will return to the news that the first new product will be Moto X4 mobile phone after the return of Motorola. Motorola's return hopes to be worthy. Learn the latest news of Motorola and Moto X4.

The name of the motorcycle from Moto to Motorola is obviously not an coincidence, according to the latest invitation to show that Lenovo will be held press conference  in New York on July 25, from the poster we see Motorola's trademark back, to know that in the previous period of time Moto is the product brand, and Motorola is only the name of the company.

In this field known as "#hellomotoworld" media activities, Moto may be released MotoZ2 force this new product, according to the androidcentral prediction of the machine will be installed on a double photo, while supporting the IP68 level waterproof function, while Moto cell phone game handle GamePad mods may also have more news.

In addition, according to the well-known explosive materials, Moto X4 mobile phone will also be released in July, the new machine may be formally launched in this Conference, integrated explosive materials, this phone will carry Gaotong 630 processor, with 4GB+64GB storage configuration, support dual-camera.