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Ocyclone-Anti-gravity phone case e

  • Author:Crystal Huang
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-04-11

Ocyclone-Anti-Gravity protection

Nowaday with the technology advances day by day, almost nothing is impossible. Currently a special protective case attacks in gobal market. From the outside, this design for iPhone 6s/Plus,Samsung S7/edge looks like almost traditional mobile phone case without too much difference however if you look through it carefully could discovery it is pretty different on the surface of the shell.

The surface of this case uses imported materials with magic absorption function. Firmly adsorbed the phone on any vertical surface like a sucker, set gravity up just as"playing it to the beat". Although it's suction has huge influence, overall only increasing 3mm thickness for the original cell phone, nearly seeming like a coin is sticked on the phone at both sides. The thickness of the product cannot be ignored, however it would never preform as an Octopus which it is obsess with its hands, holding it and doesn,t "get off".

Traditional mobile case only for preventing cellphone not getting hurt when it fell on the ground with no way to reduce the risk of fall-down. Anti-gravity Case is now changing the way of thinking for the traditional cell phone protective case. The more the times of handheld being reduced, the lower chance of iPhone 6/Plus falling. As mentioned, it can absorb most smooth vertical surfaces, for example, painted surfaces, wood, glass and other smooth surfaces.

Therefore no matter you wanna get selfie, setup alarm or wash face when the ball game, just put it on the wall, what you need to do later then is to enjoy these wonderful moments with no worry about your iPhone 6/Plus being splashed with water. In times of selfie, find a vertical smooth surface to carry out, most you have to do is taking good care of your phone while in your blink of eyes.


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