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So fans surprised Samsung s8 latest news

  • Author:Ocyclone
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2017-06-30
So fans surprised Samsung s8 latest news

Early this year, Samsung S8 officially released, a total of five colors of black, silver, gray, blue and gold, then Samsung have launched a new color in different regions , as well as customized version, also by the consumer's favorite and welcome. In the first half of the flagship machine released, the Samsung S8 worthy of the title, 6.2-inch full view surface screen with the top chip Xiaolong 835, the configuration of the value of the appearance is very force.

Recently, Samsung in South Korea for Samsung S8 released two new colors, the two colors are coral blue and rose red. Samsung S8 full view of the surface screen quite amazing, .in the collocation of a lively color after the elegant and more fashion sense .
In order to achieve the effect of hiding the opening of the forehead, rose red and coral blue is still using a positive black, but the back of the fuselage are all new color, red rose and blue echoes, Suitable for couples use.

It seems that Samsung is intended to attract the attention of lovers, thus gaining profits .
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