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Super Mi 7

  • Author:Ocyclone
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2017-07-11
Super Mi 7
Recently, the news about Millet 7 is very much, according to every generation millet phone sale situation,
It can be speculated that millet 7 may be being developed,so these explosive material message also has a certain basis. Recently, and then burst a group of high-definition rendering of millet 7, if the real machine so, then millet 7 of the value will be a victory Millet 6!

7 meters overall style has some inheritance, but the change is very large.
is still a double-sided glass + metal frame design, but the positive screen upgrade to the surface screen, which is the major trend in the future. We look at this group of renderings, very comprehensive, fuselage details at a glance.
First of all, the most significant feature of this machine is to use a comprehensive screen design,
From the millet Mix start full screen design, really ignited this black technology,so this year began, a great explosion of potential. So early next year, the release of the Millet 7 using a comprehensive screen is also very natural.

In addition, the front camera will be retained while the screen will surround the camera for a week,the design is very unique. The front fingerprint will be canceled, the whole is a huge screen, screen ratio will reach 97%.
furthermore, the fingerprint sensor or will replace the screen under the fingerprint unlock scheme.
What is more, with the rendering map exposed to the suspected configuration,
We see millet 7 will use Qualcomm Xiao Long 845 processor, standard 6GB +64 GB,it can reach high with 8GB + 128GB.Still use glass back cover, double curved design, dual-camera scheme will also be retained. In addition, the most important thing is that Millet 7 will join the IP68 class waterproof dust. Overall performance will be significantly improved.
However, if the full screen design, then the Millet 7 price will be significantly improved, perhaps the price of the sale will reach about 3000 yuan.
If then raise prices of millet 7 will you like it?