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The latest news of iPhone 8:still have problems

  • Author:Ocyclone
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2017-07-14
The latest news of iPhone 8:still have problems
On the internet many times IPhone8 message, distance IPhone8 release still have less than 2 months of time, but according to the latest news, IPhone8 still have a lot of problems to solve
Wireless charging
It is said that the wireless charging feature in the new iphone may be "late". According to Fast Company sources, wireless charging has caused problems for Apple, but it is a software-level problem, not a hardware one. If so, it may mean that "iphone 8" can support wireless charging, which is enabled when the software is ready.

Touch ID
The Touch ID solution may be the Apple's biggest headache at the moment, we've heard a lot of rumors about various scenarios, and Apple still has some time to refine the technology, and Qualcomm and Vivo have recently introduced similar technologies (although not yet available on the phone), but there is hope.

3D Scan
Because of the possible Touch ID problem, another feature has become the focus: 3D scanning. The technology was originally considered a better approach to biometrics, but recent reports say 3D scans might actually replace the Touch ID altogether. Even the 3D scanning sensor poses a problem for Apple, and the problem is again at the software level rather than the hardware, according to Fast Company sources.

OLED screen
Yes, even the "iphone 8" has been basically sitting on the OLED screen, there may be problems, because the OLED panel in short supply, at the beginning of the release, "iphone 8" supplies may be very limited.

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