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Today, enjoy

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-02-26
                                                    Today, enjoy

No living being can laugh out of you. The trees may bleed when they are injured and wine but I have animals in the field, suffering and hunger only the gift of laughter and use of mine, if I choose. Now, I have a habit of laughter to help. I smiled and it has improved my digestion; I would giggle and will be widened my loads covered pool, me and my life, because it is the great secret of longevity, and now it's me.

You'll laugh with that day of paint; Will surround this night in the song. I never work hard to be happy. I remain rather too busy to be sad. Today I'll be lucky to enjoy today. Is stored not in the field. It is not stored wine in the glass. Cannot be saved for the future. Am I supposed to do on the day itself, sown and harvested and what is now. 

And everything, what happens to the laugh my stuff be reduced at the correct size. I laugh at my mistakes and disappears in the clouds-new dreams; I laugh my success, and they are reduced to their true value. I am the evil laugh, and dies untasted. I laugh will grow about kindness and a lot of it. Every day be triumphant and egoism, only if my smile smile, who flew the l for those not my goods to buy.

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