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What are some smart things that lazy people do?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2016-01-20

What are some smart things that lazy people do?

So let us find the below questions from the lazy people do the smart things .

Someone say:

I'm lazy. Like, really lazy. Hell, I even work for a company where being "smart" lazy is encouraged and part of the brand culture. That said, here are my daily super-dumb-but-simple tips for upgrading to a laziest life:

Wear a typical outfit. My dressing is one pile of Tees, two jeans and 2 trousers. Now you don't have to worry for the next day, and save yourself some precious time in the morning. I've seen it mentioned by Patrick Mathieson below, but I do the same for the socks (except that I wear black ones). Also, I only got two pairs of shoes, without laces too.

Use https://inbox.google.com! It'll save you a ton of time, dealing with all boring newsletter in one click, and setting you reminders. If you're a smart lazy, you can postpone an email but add a wrote reminder to it. I use it a lot and my productivity skyrocketed.

Gamify your life so boring things are done anyway. Look, I hate doing my pushups, because I'm lazy as f*ck. I also spend a lot of time on Heroes of the Storm, a video game. Now, between each ~15min games, I use my score to inflict some pushups to myself! When I score a kill, it's one pushup, and when I die, it's five pushups. In two months I've transformed my lazy spaghetti-arms into decent biceps AND I'm better at the game because I still don't want to do the pushups. It's an example, but you get the idea.

Haha ,that is so funny .

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