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What is the real growth ?

  • Author:Crystal
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina
  • Release on :2015-12-26

What is the real growth ?

The most do in order to better growth, growth for real growth, knock against a person without hard work, how can grow.

In fact ,all of us want to be responsible ,to Be a person to play .

But, we always ignore one thing ,one simplest thing.

Yes ,may be you have the great achievement in your work . You may have been a boss or a sale manger and so on .

And in another people's eyes ,you may be a great successful person, you are doing a great job and have so much income .

But in your parents' eyes ,you are just a child .

They always want to give you the best care . They are afraid that you are so much pressure and always just tell you the happy thing but never advise

their body situation .Even if they are in the holiday ,they still do not want to let you know .

In fact ,your parents always give the best love to you . But you always ignore that and be accustomed to that .

Why we can not see our parents as a child ? To give the best care to our father and mother .

Why we can not spent more time getting together with our parents ? Even if we just spent a little time having dinner with our parents together ,

they would be very happy and you can see the sweet smile on their face . And you can see the obvious wrinkle on their face .

I guess your eyes will be full with tears .

In short ,only when you know how to give more love to your parent and you are the real growth .

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