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What is the worst bankrupt ?

  • Author:Crystal
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  • Release on :2015-12-30

What is the worst bankrupt ?

For Bankrupt ,i guess most of you are afraid of that ,isn't it ?
What is the worst bankrut ?
Different people have different ideas
A say : The worst bankrupt is that i was rich man and i had my own company ,my own house ,my own car before .
but now, i lost everything and that is the the worst bankrupt for me .
B say : The worst bankrupt for me is that i did not give more care to my parents ,but now they have left me . And i can not do anything for them ,that is my worst bankrupt .
C say : My worst bankrupt is that i did not marry a rich man .
D say : ........
Wow .....I guess you also have your own idea for the worst bankrupt .
But the fact is that The worst bankrupt is that a man lose his enthusiasm .
Why say that ?
In fact ,everything is created by yourself .
You should use your own enthusiasm to finished your goal. Even if you lose the wealth you have before ,but if you still keep your enthusiasm and you will have your own wealth step by step . And during the progress ,you will have leant more and become stronger and stronger .
And when you struggle for your job and pls did not ignore your family and take good care of them ,and you will not have meet the biggest pity like B .

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