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iPhone 7 sells better than 6s, first sales 18% from Android users

  • Author:Sunnie
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-11-18

IPhone 7 sales is not as bleak, first month sales higher than the 6s series and 18% from Android users.

From market research company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) according to the latest data, iPhone 7 series after the release of results than to try and imagine ideal, although less than the iPhone 6 series, but much better than iPhone 6s series. Meanwhile, also successfully got the part of Android users.

First data table statistics iPhone 7, 6s and 6 on sale a month after sales of each model, as you can see, iPhone sales after 6 on sale almost crush other models (81% of iPhone sales for the month), including for the new engine 6 Plus, as well as iPhone 5s etc for sale old models.

IPhone 6s situation is worse than before (only account for iPhone sales in the month of 71%), iPhone 6 still occupies a lot of sales at the sale. IPhone 7 the situation is slightly better than the 6s, but not as strong iPhone 6. In addition, iPhone 7 Plus the sales are not as high as expected, even lower than last year's iPhone 6s Plus.

Then take a look at user distribution. Three generations of models, iPhone 6s series with the lowest initial monthly sales, instead of attracting up to Android users, approximately 26% sales are Android users contributions; iPhone 7 series followed, 18% sales from Android users; the most successful iPhone 6 series, sales of Android users only 12% per cent. In fact, the Apple iPhone was emphasized in a conference call last month 7 series attracted more Android users, CIRP is proved the reliability of the data.

Although analysts generally see the failure before the iPhone 7 series for sale, from the first month's sales figures, however, does not seem too bad. In addition, even if Apple never Announces iPhone sales detail 7, but by United States carriers reported last month, Apple iPhone 7 series Q3 of this year accounted for United States sales operator channels of cooperation 43%.

Apple released in October 2016 Q4 quarterly earnings as of September 24, so iPhone 7 series for sale and do not contribute much, 45.51 million compared to sales of 4800 fell slightly over the same period last year. Of course, this means that 2017 Q1 earnings may look better, because the time period including the iPhone later gold sales of the 7 series for sale, such as our double 11, United States Black Friday shopping season.