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iPhone abnormal shutdown, Apple response

  • Author:Sunnie
  • Source:www.phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2016-12-07

Last night, Apple updated the official website, public again the progress of iphone unexpectedly shutdown investigations, iPhone6s and other models cell phone shutdown problems, while Apple on the Shanghai Municipal consumer protection Committee responding to the few iPhone cases of spontaneous combustion.

Apple says, "few iPhone 6s device from September 2015 to October period, before they were packed into battery pack a battery components in a controlled environment in the air exposed for a long time", is the reason caused abnormal shutdown.

On the issue of spontaneous combustion, Apple's response: in carrying out a thorough forensic investigation, including computed tomography, slices and additional testing found that currently these devices clearly have an external physical damage, resulting in spontaneous combustion. Apple said in these devices and found no cause to worry.

A few days ago, according to statistics of Shanghai's Consumer Protection Committee, September 1, 2016 until November 30, a total of 8 consumer complaints reflect their Apple phone in normal use or unexpected cases of spontaneous combustion under normal charging conditions.

Industry to the global network of science and technology said that as a world-class brand, most should pay attention to is the honesty and responsibility. A problem will be identified in time and responsibility, strive to improve phone problems. Rather than ignore, put off or you will lose the trust of consumers.

Report: Shanghai Apple iPhone mentioned cases of spontaneous combustion of the consumer protection Committee response read as follows:

 We are very grateful to the customers is more than ever concerned about the battery performance and security. Shanghai Municipal consumer protection recently released a report on spontaneous combustion of individual consumer feedback the iPhone. We assure the customer for any such reports, we carry out a thorough investigation. We have been keeping in touch with customers, getting back the facilities for analysis.

 As part of standard procedures, we carried out a thorough forensic investigation, including fault detection analysis of scanning, slicing, and more. Current results show these devices clearly have an external physical damage, resulting in spontaneous combustion. We put security first, these devices, we found no cause to worry.

For Apple product-related problems encountered by customers, we encourage you to visit the Apple Store retail store or Apple authorized service provider, or contact Apple technical support for assistance.


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