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if mobile phone disappears then

  • Author:Ocyclone
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  • Release on :2017-06-26
If the phone disappears then...

With the mobile internet sweeping the world, mobile phones are becoming an indispensable adjunct to modern people. More and more people regardless of eating, walking, and even work are all concerned about the phone, we call them” Phubbing “. Most of people spend so much time on their phones , so many people can not help thinking-"what will happen to the world if the phone disappears?" ”

Some people will say, have no phones,  you and I return to slow life, back to the "car, horse, mail are slow, Life is only enough to love a person " . But in case of emergency, no one can be calm.
Some people will say, By then we can read more books and become erudite literary youth , Also have more time to meet with friends, go out, close to nature, leisure time can drink coffee together , chatting, return to real life, how perfect it is .

But I would like to say, three days may be OK, you can persist one weeks I lose. I believe it is more likely that most people feel abandoned by the world. In fact, I feel able to adhere to three days are great too. Although I am not a serious phubbing, But also can imagine miss a variety of the latest news of world affairs , how painful it is. But How clever I am , how can I let myself fall into such field, God closes a door, also will leave a window ,I would like to dress up my cell phone , make it much more beautiful !
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