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Teach you the recipe easily get rid of iPhone 5s scratches issue

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-05

1. Toothpaste With toothpaste to remove scratches Please be careful not to look at a few:

1), gel type toothpaste

2), Children toothpaste

Ordinary toothpaste can. Methods: Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on a cotton swab or a clean, soft cloth. Then gently wipe the circle rotating manner until scratches disappear, then the excess toothpaste can be removed.

2. sandpaper and small mill

This we might be a little confused, but mentioned here sandpaper to general hardware store can not be bought. Make sure to online shopping, domestic use sandpaper is not up to standard, and will be more damaging to your phone. But mainly for the scratch edge of the screen, as well as scratches on the back of the phone, once completed please immediately stop hand to avoid damage.

3. Vegetable oil

Use vegetable oil can be some of the more minor scratches wonders, but only as a means of disposing of minor scratches and scratches can not solve the more serious emergency method

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