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iPhone crash workaround summary

  • Author:Carol
  • Source:phoneaccessorieschina.com
  • Release on :2015-10-05

The first: a program stuck (can not open an application after the operation, only to press the Home key to return to desktop solutions)

Program stuck is better to solve the case, just double-click the Home button to switch to multi-task interface, close unresponsive procedures.


The second: The system stuck (phone does not carry out any operation, even if you press the Home key, or the power button, the device does not respond, can only hold down the Home key + power button forced shutdown Solution)

System stuck by closing the application can not be resolved, then the need to use special methods. While holding down the Home key + power button until the phone reboot appears to loosen Apple Logo, the phone can be forced to restart.


Third: the plug-in post-conflict led to the white Apple jailbreak (not boot into the desktop)

After the jailbreak to install the plug cause conflict, it may lead to the white apple iPhone. Written by the founder of Cydia Saurik Cydia Substrate (old name: MobileSubstrate) provides a function into safe mode, will make all Cydia Substrate-based plug-fail, and most of the plug-in is the need to rely on Cydia Substrate.

Crash Workaround:

1, the white Apple device by pressing the "power button" and "Home" button for more than ten seconds, forced shutdown.

2, hold the volume "+" key, press the "start button" boot, this time has been holding down the "Volume +" key, when entering the system, release the volume "+" button, then install Cydia Substrate-based plug all fail.

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